With the potential to save 75% of your energy costs and reduce your Co2 emissions by over 50% the Landmark Wastewater Heat Recovery system is both cost effective and environmentally responsible. It can be used for both heating and cooling systems.

  • Efficient  – use of renewable and sustainable energy

  • Unlimited availability – secure supply

  • Local and free – decentralised heat source

  • Cost effective – from a dry weather flow of around 10 litres per second

  • Negligible effect – on wastewater treatment (sewage cooling by 1 -2° C only)

  • Independence – from sewer size

  • Compact, efficient and cost-effective – heat exchangers

  • Easy installation and maintenance – above ground heat exchangers

  • Minimal construction work – narrow manhole beside sewer

  • Minimal interference of existing sewers – drilling of only 2 holes

The system can be deployed at individual building level or across a district heat/cool network. It provides the first opportunity to capture wasted heat discharged through drainage systems.

How it Works

Wastewater Heat Recovery Process

Despite the challenges of the extremely limited space in the middle of the historic city centre, we were extremely impressed with how well the waste water was extracted to provide energy for the museum. Now up to 70 litres per second can be extracted from the city’s sewers for both heating and cooling on demand.

Joachim Herrmann, State Minister

Trusted Partner

We have longstanding working partnerships with companies that are experts in the field of wastewater heat recovery.

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