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How does Wastewater Heat Recovery work?

Wastewater contains thermal energy, and we can recover some of this energy with Heatpumps.

Using the HUBER ThermWin® system for heat recovery from sewage we withdraw sewage from the sewer low, screen it, pump it through above-ground Heat Exchangers, and then return it back into the sewer.

Because we screen and pump the sewage, we can use compact and cost-effective heat exchangers, wherein we generate a well-defined and turbulent flow for efficient heat transfer.

For screening we deploy the vertical screw screen ROTAMAT® Pumping Stations Screen RoK 4 that is compact and lifts the screening through its vertical auger. Returned sewage flushes the lifted screenings over a chute back into the sewer.

Proven Technology – Exhaust heat?

Wastewater as a heat source for heat pump systems represents a highly efficient energy source and energy sink. Its use is however often limited to big sewer diameters and high flow rates. The exhaust heat of locally generated wastewater is a regenerative and sustainable energy source for the production of service water and heating buildings.

  • The UK’s sewage infrastructure covers 347,000kms of sewer line – predominantly in urban centres.

  • The EU produces 125bn litres of sewage per day – 11 billion litres across the UK.

  • Average temperature of wastewater is 8-15ºC.

  • Typically the energy simply flows down the drain and into sewers unused… Wastewater is a large and untapped energy resource.


The Wastewater Heat Recovery system can be used effectively to heat or cool a multitude of developments.

  • District Heating Systems

  • Residential Developments

  • Public Facilities, eg, Museums

  • Commercial Buildings

  • Industrial Complexes

  • Shopping Centres

  • Hospitals

  • Student Accommodation

  • Hotels

Typical Applications

  • Single Building deployment – leisure centres, office accommodation, etc.

  • Campus Network Deployment – colleges, residences, hospitals, prisons, etc.

  • Cooling for data centres and other buildings that require cooling.

  • Urban Centre Heating and Cooling Network – city centres.

  • Complimentary to ground source – High Efficiency Hybrid.

  • Complimentary to ground/surface water source.

Key Drivers

There are a number of drivers that mean this is the perfect time to look at Wastewater Heat Extraction with us:

  • Climate Change Levy

  • Carbon Tax

  • UK Renewable Targets

  • Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS)

  • Ongoing desire to save money on energy

  • Minimal interference – little construction work

Case Study – Sports Hall and Family Centre

A partial flow of wastewater (5 l/s) is taken from a combined sewer running under the premises. The wastewater flow is delivered to a screen for mechanical pre-treatment via a pumping shaft. The effluent from this screen flows by gravity into the heat exchanger and then back into the sewer taking along the screened coarse material. A special feature of this project is that the complete mechanical equipment is mounted in a 20″ container installed above ground.

  • Primary energy demand reduced by 60%.

  • Provides the basic load for heating and hot water production.

  • Use of a regenerative energy source.

Download a copy of this case study for reference.


Here you will find comprehensive information about product applications in various fields.


This collection of HUBER practice reports and case histories exemplifies a multitude of industrial and municipal solutions.

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