The Landmark Energy Box is a cost-effective, low maintenance and environmentally friendly way of heating and cooling large buildings and estates.

If you manage a large building, estate or campus and you need to cut your energy costs, or perhaps you are exploring eco-friendly heating and cooling systems, then you should really take a look at our Landmark Energy Box, as it delivers on all counts when compared to traditional heating and cooling systems.

What is it?

The Landmark Energy Box is a complete heating and cooling turnkey system, housed within a compact and discrete container.

Using a nearby wastewater supply, the technology inside the Landmark Energy Box turns the wastewater into energy, which in turn can be used to both heat and cool your buildings.

Designed to be neat and discrete, the Landmark Energy Box blends into the background so your estate community will hardly notice it’s there.

What are the benefits?

Small it may be, but the benefits the Landmark Energy Box can deliver are immense:

  • Quick and easy to install

  • Easy maintenance

  • Eco-friendly

  • Reduced CO2 load

  • Fossil fuel savings

  • Fully automatic operation with minimum maintenance requirements

  • All year-round plant utilisation for heating and cooling of a building

  • Extremely cost-effective compared to conventional retrofitting solutions

  • Delivered, installed and commissioned quickly and efficiently by expert engineers

What type of buildings and estates does it work for?

The Landmark Energy Box will work for almost any multi-occupancy residential or commercial site, as long as there is a wastewater or alternative water source nearby.

  • High rise buildings

  • Apartment complex

  • Commercial offices

  • Hospitals

  • University and college campuses

  • Sports centres

  • Hotels and leisure complexes

How does the process work?

Our experts will carry out a free desk study before conducting a site visit. During the site visit we will explore what you hope to achieve with the Landmark Energy Box and evaluate its suitability. Then it’s a simple 3 step process of:

  1. Design
  2. Supply
  3. Install

We will design the layout of the containerised solution, source the relevant technology from our trusted suppliers and fit it out for you.

Once your Landmark Energy Box is delivered, we will make sure it is properly installed and tested by our team of experienced engineers, who will provide your maintenance workers with on-site training. We will also provide on-going maintenance following installation and monitor your system remotely.

As part of the service we offer, we can also advise you on potential sources of funding, including the Non Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).

Free Desk Study Report

Our Wastewater Heat Recovery Process begins with a free, no obligation desk study report. We will analyse your energy bills, current carbon consumption and show you top line potential cost savings. Get in touch to discuss this with us.

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